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Why buy & sell at Direct Cars

For our commitment to deliver great quality, great value & great experience and making buying & selling used cars a joyful experience.

Commitment to Quality

We select 2 used cars out of 10 we see and reject the rest. Every car selected by us undergoes a thorough refurbishment and then inspection by trained professionals to see if anything has been missed and then certified. That’s not all, as a mark of confidence we offer warranty up to 12 months on our Certified Preowned Cars. We offer the car for sale to you, only when we are thoroughly so that you only get the best used cars in town.

Our Quality Process for Certifying Used Cars

1. Selection

We select 2 out of 10 used cars that we see, we reject the other cars due to:

  • Frame damage (accidental cars)
  • Excessively driven, high mileage, doubtful or tempered odometer
  • Cars not maintained properly, in poor mechanical condition
  • Vehicles with incomplete or improper documents
  • Cars that are over priced

2. Refurbishment

Every cars then undergoes a thorough refurbishment, so that you don’t have to spend your time & money. Our refurbishment comprises of the following:

  • Comprehensive service that includes changing of fluids, filters, etc.
  • Repair or replacement of mechanical and electrical components, etc.
  • Body & aesthetics that includes cosmetic repairs, dry cleaning, etc.

3. Certification & Warranty

  • Every car is then inspection by trained professionals to see if anything has been missed.
  • Only then the used car is Certified
  • You get warranty up to 12 months

Commitment to Value

While delivering quality is a must, delivering great value is equally important to us.

  • Every car that we offer to you is competitively priced as per prevailing market conditions.
  • We also offer attractive used car finance from leading banks like HDFC Bank, Kotak Mahindra, where in the down payment and monthly outflow (EMI) are worked to suit your financial needs and budget.
  • You also get attractive exchange options if you wish to exchange your old car with our Certified Preowned Car.

Delivering Great Experience

Whether you are buying or selling a car at Direct Cars, at each step we want to deliver hassle-free experience in an honest and transparent manner to you.

When you sell a car to us:

  • We offer fair and transparent prices for your old car
  • Complete and prompt payments
  • We take care of all your documentation needs

When you by a car from us:

  • Hassle-Free sales process, by proving maximum information about the car including vehicle history reports
  • Competitive pricing based on prevailing market conditions

One-Stop-Shop for all your used car needs, to buy, sell, used car finance, insurance and documentation

Our Satisfied Customers

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