Used Car Paperwork

Documentation while Buying and Selling Used Cars


Paperwork is an important and essential part of used car purchase/sale transaction. Used car purchase / sale documentation comprises of 3 essential components:

Purchase / Sale agreement should be notarized or executed on stamp paper

Transaction documentation: This documentation is between the buyer and seller of used car

  • Purchase / Sale Agreement (Download PDF: SALE AFFIDAVIT)
  • Delivery Note or Delivery Challan (Download PDF: DELIVERY NOTE)
  • Payment Receipts / Invoice

Statutory (RTO/RC Transfer related) Documentation: Typically it takes 45-60 days for RC Transfer

  • Form-26: For duplicate RC Copy (Download PDF: form-26)
  • Form-28: Transfer from one RTO to Another (Download PDF: form-28)
  • Form-29:Notice of Transfer same RTO (Download PDF: form-29)
  • Form-30: Application for Transfer (Download PDF:  form-30)

Did you know: If RC is in your name and insurance is not you will not get a claim from insurance co.

Finance/Loan & Insurance Related Documentation:

  • Affidavit for Hypothecation (Download PDF: HYPOTHECATION AFFIDAVIT)
  • Form 34: Issued by financier to add hypothecation(Download PDF:  Form-34)
  • Form 35: Issued by financier to remove hypothecation(Download PDF: Form-35)
  • NOC from Financier: Issued by financier to remove hypothecation
  • Insurance Transfer Application (Download PDF:  INSURANCE-TRANSFER)

favicon Read documentation process to ensure paperwork is thorough and complete.

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